Information, Rules and Conditions for Stallholders

The deadline to receive your application is 25 May 2019

By applying for a stall at the Fair, you will be agreeing to these Rules and Conditions:

COMMON RULES applicable to all stalls
1 Selling a booked plot to another stall-holder is prohibited and will result in non-participation in subsequent years’ Fairs.
2 No amplified sound is allowed
3 Display or prizes of live animals, fishes etc are strictly forbidden. Alcoholic beverages must not be sold or given as prizes to persons under 18. (See below).
4 No stallholder is allowed to trade on any part of the field or marquee except within their plot/table boundaries. This means that no one may walk around the site collecting money, distributing leaflets, advertising etc.
5 It is the stallholder’s responsibility to ensure no rubbish is left behind. Failure to observe this requirement will result in non-participation in subsequent years’ Fairs.
6 In order to allow us to distribute similar stalls around the field and in the marquee it is important that you specify the general type of stall, ie tombola, bric-a-brac, food (type of), games, jewellery, clothes, crafts, etc. Please be aware that if you sell items other than those specifically agreed with us you may be asked to stop trading.
7 ALCOHOL FREE SITE. The authorities have instructed that for those stallholders who plan to run a Bottle Tombola (or similar) the following guidelines must be adhered to:
You must advise the winner that:
a) They must not remove the ticket from the bottle as this shows that it is a prize won at the Fair.
b) They must wrap the bottle and place it in a bag and not open or show the bottle when on the Fair site.
c) If possible and their car is parked locally, they should place the bottle in their car. If not, keep it with them in their bag.
An alternative is for you as the stallholder to write the name (and address) of the winner on a label and attach it to the winning bottle and retain the bottle on your stall until the end of the Fair, (or when the winner decides to leave the Fair), when they will come and claim their prize.
8 Please ensure that you enter the correct Stall/Table and Category/Quantity on the Form, and pay the correct plot fee. If in doubt, please ask before returning the Form. Note that stall fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.
9 All stallholders collecting for a charity must attach a letter of permission from their chosen Charity to the Application Form.
10 Any stallholders selling cooked food or dealing in uncovered or loose food items (eg loose confectionery or cakes) must attach a Food Hygiene Certificate issued by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (or similar), a Food Premises registration letter (from your local authority) and a Food Hygiene Rating to the Application Form.
11 Please note that although water is available for general use, it is not suitable for human consumption.
12 The Fair is opened officially at 12.00 following the arrival of the Procession.
13 To ensure Field and Marquee preparations are completed, PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 08:30 ON SATURDAY.
14 Signing the Application Form means that you acknowledge and agree that you and your authorised helpers participate in the Fair entirely at your/their own risk in every respect, and that you absolve the Shepperton Village Fair Committee and its authorised helpers from responsibility for such risks, including personal injury, loss or damage to property (including damage or loss to you and your helpers), however this injury, loss or damage may be caused whether by fire, theft, inclement weather, power, defect in the equipment and buildings and/or infrastructure.
15 It is advised that all stallholders consider Public Liability Insurance in the event of claims against them. It is also strongly advised that stallholders carry out a Risk Assessment relevant to their intended activities. This is not red tape. It means that you have thought through what could go wrong and acted to prevent it doing so. Guidance on risk assessment is given on the Government’s Health and Safety Executive website
16 For further information about the Fair, please refer to our website at Please email all queries relating to Field Stall Applications to: and for Marquee Stall Applications to:
17 We will generally observe your GDPR preferences but may need to use the most expedient method during this contract.
18 Shepperton Village Fair Committee, whose decision is final, will settle any questions that may arise and are not covered by these Rules.


F1 A single full plot size is 12 feet wide by 15 feet deep (3.6m x 4.5m). If you require more, they are available in half or one plot increments. You must ensure that your stall, and any vehicles, all fit into your allocated plot(s). Note that with ‘terraced’ plots there is no side access unless it is within your own allocated space. You will be advised of your allocated plot(s) location on the day. Note that plots cannot be changed on the day.
F2 You must supply your own tables, chairs, gazebo etc, and please state on the Application Form if you have any special requirements, ie location, portable generator, vehicle on plot, etc.
F4 For safety reasons, all cars must be removed from the field by 11.00. Car parking facilities for stallholders are available at the Russell Road end of the field from 11.00 to 17.00. AS THERE IS NO SAFE ACCESS, VEHICLES CANNOT BE REMOVED FROM THIS CAR PARK UNTIL THE FAIR CLOSES AT 17.00. Note that it is the stallholders responsibility to ensure that all their helpers are aware of this rule.
F5 We strongly advise against setting up your stalls on Friday night as the Committee cannot accept responsibility for them. If you choose to do so and they are not in their correct allocated plot location on the field, you will be told to relocate them, irrespective of what effort is involved, on the Saturday morning.

M1 A single stall comprises a 6 foot (1.8m) table and 2 chairs. Electricity may be purchased. You can book a maximum of two tables and you must ensure that your activities all fit into your booked table space. You may not resell tables or stall space. You can request a specific location for your table(s) on the Form, but please note that these will be allocated strictly on a first come, first served basis. Please also note that your table position cannot be changed on the day.
M2 Free car parking for Marquee stallholders is available on the grass area behind the Marquee. FOR SAFETY REASONS, VEHICLES CANNOT BE REMOVED FROM THIS CAR PARK UNTIL THE FAIR CLOSES AT 17.00. Note that it is the stallholders responsibility to ensure that all their helpers are aware of this rule.