What brings stallholders back to

Shepperton Village Fair

year after year?

“Overall an excellent event, one of the best during the Summer season.”

Gill Taylor, Something Different Glass Jewellery

We are the largest Fair in the Spelthorne area

Attracting over 5,000 visitors, the event underlines Shepperton’s status as a large village.

Now you can share in the benefits of the high profile the Fair enjoys locally.

Free Entry and Entertainment for visitors

Visitors pay nothing to enter the Fair and enjoy the events, meaning they are free to come and go throughout the afternoon.

Stallholders are loyal

Why? Because it works for them. Lots of our customers have been returning for many years and continue to be very successful at the Fair.

Excellent income opportunity for charities

For some charities, this will be their largest source of income this year.

Real sense of community and genuine family atmosphere

From the opening procession down the High Street to the highly-entertaining area events, the Fair has everything for the family afternoon out.

But, even before Fair Day, we promote stallholders on social media and in our free programme.

Popular attractions mean people stay

From the ever-popular arena attractions (throughout the afternoon) to the long-standing Raft Race – there are plenty of reasons for visitors to hang around and explore the stalls..

Friendly and professional organisers

Long-standing committee members ensure consistent level of service and continuity of knowledge.

Two stall locations are on offer

FIELD STALLS are located in the open air on the main part of Manor Park, surrounding the central arena. we provide a plot of land that is 4m x 5m (with the 4m side being the front that faces the public). You can then bring along what ever you need for your stall as long as it fits the space.

MARQUEE STALLS can be found in the huge marquee at the back of the grounds. These are ideal for craft stalls and similar. We provide a 6ft (1.8m) wide table and two chairs.

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